How to Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Fear is a natural but yet very important aspect of human growth. Every time we choose to step out of our comfort zones, we are faced with a lot of uncertainties and caution. Such was the case I experienced when starting . However, when you deal with one challenge, the next non comfortable or not pleasant thing becomes a little bit easier. As humans, we find it a bit easier not to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, it’s natural. The problem with being stuck at one side is that it prevents you from true success and achieving the ultimate levels of happiness that life presents.

It is thus important to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and experience what life out there has for us. But to be able to push yourself out of comfort zone, there are key things you need to observe.

Get Information

The first thing you need is to get as much information as possible. Anxiety normally comes out of fear for the unknown. In most case, we normally imagine the worst case of what could happen if we push ourselves out of the comfort zone. To successfully break through your comfort zone, the first thing you need is education. What you need to do is to find as much information as possible on the skill or activity you are pursuing. Read books on the subject or talk to people who have done the same and establish how they overcame such obstacles.

Have a Plan

After you have educated yourself, the next thing you need is a plan of actions on pushing your boundaries on things that you are interested in. Write down an actionable plan that you have to follow to get to the level you need to be at. For your plan, ensure that you set specific goals. Develop an acceptable level of commitment to achieving your goals. Develop an effective action plan that need to be followed. Track progress towards attaining your goals and maintain flexibility.

Hold yourself accountable

Accountability is an important ingredient to getting out of the comfort zone. You would want to tell your family and friends about what you are attempting to achieve. You can even find an accountability partner who can push your limits and help you in the process. Holding yourself accountable is an important step because people close to you will be watching and correcting or motivating you along the process. When you have a tough accountability partner checking on you, they will make it hard for you to quit.

Take Baby Steps

Breaking out of your comfort zone starts by taking baby steps. Once you have a good plan in place, you only need to start to build on it incrementally. Taking baby steps is a great way for you to get started and helps in solving feelings of anxiety. With baby steps, you are not trying to become an overnight success, but rather following due process to steadily but slowly build your potential as you work on achieving different levels of success.

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