Best Work at Home Jobs in 2018

freelancingAre you looking for an exciting way to pay your bills or just seeking professional development for yourself? Does working from the comfort of your home excite you? If you answered yes, the best way you can go about it is through becoming a freelancer. When the word freelancer is mentioned, a lot of people think of those people who work in pajamas and sweatpants. However, there is a lot more!

The field of freelancing has a lot of opportunities should you be considering quitting your job and becoming one. As a freelancer, you work when you want, wherever you want and determine your working schedule. You are your own boss and set yourself to higher income potential. You can also take advantage of more tax deductions. If you’re looking forward to becoming a freelancer, here are some of the best work at home jobs for you.


Freelance Writer

If you can write proper sentences that hold someone’s attention, the Internet has a lot of work for you. The Internet is always hungry for content, and note that this content doesn’t make itself. There are many freelance writing jobs. You can choose the subjects to specialize in it, be it sports, fashion, autos, governance among others. You can as well write articles for blogs, web copies or ad copies and post as ghost posts for your clients.



Coding, be it developing mobile applications or designing websites is large business online. It can be a fascinating business because you can teach yourself how to code in so many languages. To get started in coding, at the very basic, you need to have a laptop, internet connection and the right software application to build your code from it. There are those small businesses who want customized websites and startups are also trying to create the next great app by the day. Most new languages you need to acquaint yourself with include CSS, JavaScript, HTML, C++, and Java among others.


Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is another favorite job that you can propel it. Sometimes, everyone needs help and so do the work of virtual assistants. They come in to do all sorts of situations from assisting small businesses to entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. When you turn to the Internet, you will find jobs for virtual assistants who work on many tasks be it sorting emails and managing the client’s schedule, to even making travel arrangements. If you are a virtual assistant who works for a web development company, you might find yourself creating and scheduling social media schedules for the company.

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