Simple Guide on What to Do During Business Dinner

You have been running tow truck Chantilly va successfully and you have achieved a high level of success that warrants you to organize dinner. Whether you are dining with a recruiter or a prospective business partner, you should always follow some set rules to ensure you have the best dinner etiquette. There is a reason people conduct business over a meal. It presents a strategic way to get to know someone. How you behave before, during, and after a meal tells your host a lot about your character, professionalism as well as social awareness.

When it comes to business dining, there are a lot of small things you need to get right. You need to eat a little something ahead of time. You may be going to an awesome restaurant with delicious food but that doesn’t mean you should show up super hungry. If you do, you risk focusing more on your food than on the conversation. You need to have a little snack before you can head to dinner. Have something such as a protein bar or a piece of fruit.

What to Dress

There is not any simple answer to the question – what should I wear? Generally, what to wear will be depended on the occasion. Just as with any event, the dressing will depend on the culture and the industry hosting the event. You might find yourself leaning towards the formal side of business casual. If you are meeting someone in the tech field, in most cases, the dressing will lean on being informal. If you are not sure of what to wear, just stick to business casual.

Put your phone in silent mode

This point should be a no-brainer. You also need to understand that a vibrating phone is as bad as a ringing one. You need to turn it on a silent mode and put it away altogether. You should never take it out while in the presence of your host. Additionally, you should plan to arrive on time. Plan to travel well in advance so that you are sure you will arrive on time. It’s better to arrive a little bit early than late.

When you arrive, it is important you observe basic manners.  Despite the fact that we are living in a pandemic period where there are no greetings, without any hindrance, you need to shake hands with everyone. Store your stuff in a place that doesn’t call for a lot of attention. You can properly place your stuff under a chair. Wait to sit until your host sits first. It is polite to remain standing until the host has taken their seat. If there is no host, wait until the most senior or the eldest person in the room sits.

You also need to familiarize yourself with the setting of the place you are at. For the vast majority of the meals, you will be dealing with a fork, a knife, and a spoon. For occasional fancy dinner, there is a high chance you will see a few more pieces and it is always a good thing to be prepared. When in doubt, always start from the outside and work your way in.

How to Adopt a Customer First Strategy

If you are owning a business such as towing service, it is important to prioritize your customers. You need to put your customers at the front of everything you do. Having a customer-centric mantra will be useless if you don’t have a plan in place for implementation. Successful companies always find a balance between prioritizing customer needs and meeting business goals. They create effective customer-first strategies that benefit both their employees and customers.

What is a customer-first strategy?

A customer-first strategy is a business plan y that is centered around meeting customer needs and creating delightful brand experiences. It is based on features that enhance the company’s values with mutually beneficial relationships between the customer and the company, to make all stakeholders happy.

When creating a powerful customer-first strategy, here is how to go about it;

Understand your target audience

You will never be able to create a customer-first strategy without knowing who your customers are. You need to have a deep understanding of your target audience and how your business improves its buyer experience. You need to analyze your customers and sales metrics to discover different ways of creating better products and marketing materials. Keep a keen track of the demographics, purchasing behaviors, attitudes, and values, so that everyone in your organization can have access to this information.

Recognize Customer Needs

You need to recognize your customer needs as well as how you are fulfilling them. This comes after you have identified your target audience. Once you identify their needs and goals, you stand a better chance to fulfill their needs. You need to have a strong presence and the ability to address certain problems for your customer base, as that is the only way to set yourself ahead of the competition.

Create a Customer-centric mindset for your team

In most organizations, customer service teams are solely responsible for addressing customer needs and demands. Employees have direct communication with customers so it makes a lot of sense for them to be empowered. Every aspect of your business will greatly benefit from adopting a customer-centric mindset. When a product team is developing a product vision, they should consider what features will address customer needs.

Have a strong crisis communication plan

The crisis will always happen and it becomes increasingly hard to predict when it will happen. However, before a crisis happens, you can have a mitigation plan in place so that you are not caught off-guard. A crisis communication plan will address any issues that might have a bad effect on the reputation of your brand. Additionally, it also minimizes the negative effects of crises. A successful plan will demonstrate that your main concern is your customer safety and satisfaction.

Additionally, you need to think of innovative ways to improve the customer experience. Even when you have a working product, never sit back and stop innovating. The key to retaining and winning more customers lies in your ability to innovate on what you have.

A Plain Guide to Customer Data Collection

When you have a true understanding of your customers, you can implement different strategies like those used by Kettering towing service to personalize the customer experience, and deliver excellent customer service. One key principle of delivering superior customer service and experience lies in collecting useful data from your customers.

If you want to collect data about your customers, here are a couple of useful methods you can use.

Google Analytics

One way to collect data about your customers is through your website. Many businesses are today using Google analytics for the same. With Google Analytics, you will be able to see the demographic and geographic characteristics of your customers. Additionally, you will be able to see data about engagements. You can gather customer data such as referral sources, page views, conversion details, time on page, bounce rate, and much more.

Customer service software

You can use customer service software which presents you with a unique way to collect data. You will be able to see things such as ticket volume, response time among others. Customer service software should give you an understanding of issues facing your customers and any problems they are experiencing from your products and services. You will also be able to connect better with your customers. Such analytics will be critical in helping you determine customer satisfaction and understanding.


Surveys present an excellent way to gather customer data by asking for it. You can send surveys or questionnaires to your customers and use such questionnaires in determining your Net Promoter Score. NPS is an important customer satisfaction benchmark that helps in measuring how likely a customer can recommend your business to a friend. When conducting a survey, it is important to ask the right questions. With surveys, you will be able to gather interests, tastes, and customer preferences.


Interviews are an essential extension of surveys. With interviews, you can ask open-ended questions which can be important in gathering qualitative data. There are different ways to conduct interviews, be it in person, over the phone, or through a webchat service. You may decide to interview as opposed to surveys if you want to get more response and deliver a customized approach.


If you work in customer service, there is a high likelihood your company might be having a chatbot that helps with ticketing. A Chabot presents a useful tool in collecting data about your customers. You can use Chabot to ask to follow up questions after a customer has interacted with you. Additionally, you can gather data on your customer before a representative talk to them, so that you are better equipped to deal with customer issues.

Marketing automation software

Another way of gathering important qualitative data is through marketing automation software. In most cases, this software has analytics tools and reporting which you can use for demographic and geographic purposes. Your marketing automation software may also allow for integrations with ads and SEO so that you get a complete package. To collect customer data, options are endless. You only need to use the method that works best for you.

How to Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Fear is a natural but yet very important aspect of human growth. Every time we choose to step out of our comfort zones, we are faced with a lot of uncertainties and caution. Such was the case I experienced when starting . However, when you deal with one challenge, the next non comfortable or not pleasant thing becomes a little bit easier. As humans, we find it a bit easier not to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, it’s natural. The problem with being stuck at one side is that it prevents you from true success and achieving the ultimate levels of happiness that life presents.

It is thus important to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and experience what life out there has for us. But to be able to push yourself out of comfort zone, there are key things you need to observe.

Get Information

The first thing you need is to get as much information as possible. Anxiety normally comes out of fear for the unknown. In most case, we normally imagine the worst case of what could happen if we push ourselves out of the comfort zone. To successfully break through your comfort zone, the first thing you need is education. What you need to do is to find as much information as possible on the skill or activity you are pursuing. Read books on the subject or talk to people who have done the same and establish how they overcame such obstacles.

Have a Plan

After you have educated yourself, the next thing you need is a plan of actions on pushing your boundaries on things that you are interested in. Write down an actionable plan that you have to follow to get to the level you need to be at. For your plan, ensure that you set specific goals. Develop an acceptable level of commitment to achieving your goals. Develop an effective action plan that need to be followed. Track progress towards attaining your goals and maintain flexibility.

Hold yourself accountable

Accountability is an important ingredient to getting out of the comfort zone. You would want to tell your family and friends about what you are attempting to achieve. You can even find an accountability partner who can push your limits and help you in the process. Holding yourself accountable is an important step because people close to you will be watching and correcting or motivating you along the process. When you have a tough accountability partner checking on you, they will make it hard for you to quit.

Take Baby Steps

Breaking out of your comfort zone starts by taking baby steps. Once you have a good plan in place, you only need to start to build on it incrementally. Taking baby steps is a great way for you to get started and helps in solving feelings of anxiety. With baby steps, you are not trying to become an overnight success, but rather following due process to steadily but slowly build your potential as you work on achieving different levels of success.

How to Increase Your Passive Streams of Income

passive incomePassive income has long been the right choice for entrepreneurs looking forward to freeing up their time from the demands of daily activities and responsibilities, and still be able to generate good monthly revenues. In simple terms, a passive income is money you make or get paid while you sleep. This income can come from setting a business such as a tow truck, earning from real estate, affiliate marketing, among others.

Passive income differs from active income in that active income is when you get paid after the work is done. It is never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket; you should always diversify your streams of income. No job is 100 percent safe; shit happens.  Having a passive income may not entirely replace your salary (active income) in case something wrong happens, but may help you have a stepping stone in case of uncertainties.


Here are some of the passive income ideas you might find worth your effort;



Investing is the ultimate and most desirable form of passive income that you can imagine of. One way of investing is through buying stock. When you own stock in a company, you set yourself up to earn passively through dividends. – A dividend is simply a distribution of a portion of the profit a company generates. The amount of dividend you receive depends on the amount of stock you own and the possible profit to be shared. To get more dividends, companies offer a chance to buy more stocks.


Peer to Peer Lending

Banks no longer lend money out of kindness, they do it with the sole aim of making a profit. You can make some money through peer to peer lending. With this form of lending, the profit you make is a bit less than what banks make, but it is still high enough to generate you some form of income. You can join various lending clubs that participate in peer to peer lending.


Real Estate

Real estate has a very significant scale when it comes to passive income. However, when we talk about real estate, many people only think about rental properties which they consider too high (regarding startup capital) to invest in. The truth is that there are different effortless ways you can get started in real estate investing. These methods include; REITS, crowdfunding real estate, rental properties among others. REIT is a real estate investment trust which is like some form of mutual fund.

Online Businesses

You can earn a significant amount of passive income by investing in scalable online businesses. The level of difficulty of what you will establish depends on what you’re selling. Ways of getting started in online businesses include eCommerce – such as Shopify. Additionally, you can start a blog and monetize it. There are many monetization strategies available, including Google AdSense, Affiliate Partners among others.

Brick and Mortar Business

They say the first effective way of earning passively is to establish a company. If there are many hustles of establishing a company, while not start a business. The business to start doesn’t have to be an online business, it can be a brick and mortar business. A good brick and mortar business can be a good investment that generates you a good passive income. As per with any business, its success will be determined by several factors such as business location, what you are selling, competition, customer service among others.

Best Work at Home Jobs in 2018

freelancingAre you looking for an exciting way to pay your bills or just seeking professional development for yourself? Does working from the comfort of your home excite you? If you answered yes, the best way you can go about it is through becoming a freelancer. When the word freelancer is mentioned, a lot of people think of those people who work in pajamas and sweatpants. However, there is a lot more!

The field of freelancing has a lot of opportunities should you be considering quitting your job and becoming one. As a freelancer, you work when you want, wherever you want and determine your working schedule. You are your own boss and set yourself to higher income potential. You can also take advantage of more tax deductions. If you’re looking forward to becoming a freelancer, here are some of the best work at home jobs for you.


Freelance Writer

If you can write proper sentences that hold someone’s attention, the Internet has a lot of work for you. The Internet is always hungry for content, and note that this content doesn’t make itself. There are many freelance writing jobs. You can choose the subjects to specialize in it, be it sports, fashion, autos, governance among others. You can as well write articles for blogs, web copies or ad copies and post as ghost posts for your clients.



Coding, be it developing mobile applications or designing websites is large business online. It can be a fascinating business because you can teach yourself how to code in so many languages. To get started in coding, at the very basic, you need to have a laptop, internet connection and the right software application to build your code from it. There are those small businesses who want customized websites and startups are also trying to create the next great app by the day. Most new languages you need to acquaint yourself with include CSS, JavaScript, HTML, C++, and Java among others.


Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is another favorite job that you can propel it. Sometimes, everyone needs help and so do the work of virtual assistants. They come in to do all sorts of situations from assisting small businesses to entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. When you turn to the Internet, you will find jobs for virtual assistants who work on many tasks be it sorting emails and managing the client’s schedule, to even making travel arrangements. If you are a virtual assistant who works for a web development company, you might find yourself creating and scheduling social media schedules for the company.

Benefits of Using Surveillance Cameras in Homes

surveilanceTechnology is getting to be better and complex. It is a double-edged sword that cuts regardless of what people think. A security camera is one of the simple yet significant deployments of technology to safeguard our homes. These cameras have gained significant popularity as one of the best devices used as a useful security measure.

Security cameras have redefined security and protection in our homes, places of work and other premises. There are different options for security cameras available in the market today. The latest advances and developments in surveillance systems and security cameras have helped to raise the levels of security monitoring, management and enforcement in different premises. It has aided in thwarting most sophisticated crimes today. Here are the advantages of using security cameras in our homes.


Deterring Crime

If you’re thinking of installing security cameras in your home, you should not hesitate. The advantages of using security cameras in apartments far outweigh the disadvantages. Installing security cameras helps in preventing crime from occurring. The primary purpose of installing security cameras is to act as the central deterrence to thieves, burgers and other criminals. These cameras avoid the above people from indulging in theft and other criminal activities.


Proper Security Management at Malls

cctvToday’s shopping centers are complicated and hard to monitor without the use of technology. It can be severe and overwhelming to use armed or private guards to manage all the corners of shopping centers and malls. In the recent days, owners of shopping centers and malls now make use of state of the art surveillance cameras that are managed from a central location to monitor everything happening in and outside the premises.



Gathering Evidence

Security cameras are installed in strategic places to monitor every activity happening every second. The camera records all that is happening and sends data to a central location. Modern security cameras have high quality video capabilities as well as audio capabilities. The explicit images that get integrated with audio make the recording to be seamless. The recording that security cameras make can be instrumental in legal scenarios.


Making Decision

Footage obtained from security cameras can help someone to make the most correct and fair decisions when they are settling a dispute be it a domestic or international one. If you are dealing with a situation full of disagreements and arguments among family members, workers, and other employees and put all the doubts to rest in an amicable manner. Any incorrect and fabricated claims made by customers or other authorities can be sorted out with the use of security cameras.


Maintaining Records

Every business is prone to get attacked. CCTV cameras come in handy to offer vital management records of how events transpired in case of an attack. In case of something that happened, you can look at the logs and see what exactly happened. Prevention is definitely better than cure, and it is always best to monitor the functions of the camera and ensure that they do not fail.